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Linda Cheetham
Psychodynamic Therapist / Counsellor
T: 01242582501
M: 07710431598

Hello...…. How can I help you?

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist / Counsellor, who is able to work with individuals, couples, young people 12+, then you have made the first step in getting the help and support you need.

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Who is Therapeutic Counselling for?

The answer is simple: anyone tired of trying to cope on their own.

Many reasons can trigger a decision to look for a Psychotherapist / Counsellor. It can often be when someone’s quality of life and day to day activities are being undermined by anxiety and emotional distress. Or, they find themselves in situations or relationships that are hard to manage, understand or resolve. Many situations in life leave us feeling powerless and sensing that we have no choice. Psychotherapy / Counselling can often help make sense of early experiences and relationships and how they are connected to the difficulties and insecurities we face today. My aim through kindness and respect is to see your world and your relationship to it as it appears to you.

What sort of things can Therapeutic Counselling help with?

Therapeutic Counselling can help by: identifying your current and underlying concerns. Deepening your understanding of problematic feelings and behaviours and where they originate. Making links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Increasing your self awareness. Assisting in decision making and choices. Encouraging you to think more clearly about a situation or from a different perspective.

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Common Symptoms:-

Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, feelings of isolation and loneliness, identity, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties, self esteem, sexual, physical and psychological abuse.
Note: This list is not exhaustive, make contact today to talk more about your particular difficulty.

Therapeutic Counselling is a uniquely personal experience and can be supportive and creative when we need to make choices. As every individual and situation is unique, the therapeutic goals and Psychotherapeutic Counselling techniques utilised are specifically tailored for each client. This will be discussed/explored in the first session.

"Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge"
Carl Jung

What next?

You might spend a while thinking about Therapeutic Counselling before starting, it is an important and sometimes difficult decision. You could be worried about committing to it or you might be uncertain if Therapeutic Counselling can help; you could call me on 07710431598 or email me to discuss that. On the other hand you might be considering if I am the right Psychotherapist / Counsellor for you, click here to find out a bit more about me.

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

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